10 Ways You Didn't Know You Can Use BAMBOO
10 Ways You Didn't Know You Can Use BAMBOO

Hey, friends in this post I’ll tell you 10 Ways You Didn’t Know You Can Use Bamboo. So let’s begin. Bamboo Is A Plant That Can Re-grow Quickly Without Being Replanted. It Is Considered To Be A Godsend Because It Can Be Used In So Many Different Ways. Before We know You With Some Bamboo Facts Make Sure To read this article till the end.

Here are 10 Ways You Didn’t Know You Can Use Bamboo.

No 1 (Pet Toys)

While Most Cartoons Insist That You Can Let Your Dog Chew On Bones Doing. So Can Be Fatal But Don’t Worry Pet Toys Made Out Of Bamboo. Are An Easy And Safe Way To Allow Your Pets To Have Some Fun.

You’ll Also Be Doing The Environment. A Solid Favor Since Bamboo Toys Is Eco-Friendly. Bamboo Chews Are Also A Great Alternative To The Usual Plastic Chew Toys The Fiber.

In Bamboo Is Actually Very Healthy For Your Dog’s Digestive System. If It’s Good Enough For Wild Panda Bears Then It’s Good Enough For Our Beloved Pets.

No 2 (Clothing)

Why In The World Should We Choose Bamboo Clothing Over Other Leading Fabrics? Well, Bamboo Clothing Is Perfect For Those With Allergies. Because It’s Hypoallergenic It Also Has Antibacterial And Moisture Wicking Properties. That Will Keep Your Clothing Dry And Odor Free?

Bamboo Will Even Keep You Safe From Harmful UV Rays Thanks To The Fact That It Blocks Out 97.5% Of Them. Plus Bamboo Is Much More Comfortable Than Your Typical Cotton. You’ll Especially Love Bamboo Clothing If You Live A Very Active Lifestyle.

No 3 (Reinforced Concrete)

When Derk He will Start Looking For A More Sustainable And Affordable Alternative To Steel He Found Bamboo. To Be A Strong Contender He And His Team Created A Material Out Of Bamboo Fibers. That Actually Performs Better Than Steel.

When They Reinforced Concrete With Their Bamboo Material Their Testing Machine Was Not Able To Break It Down. Most Developing Countries Do Not Have Their Own Steel Industries.

But They Usually Have Access To Tons Of Bamboo Reinforcing Concrete. With Bamboo Will Allow Developing Countries To Construct Many New Buildings Since Bamboo Is Way Cheaper Than Steel.

No 4 (Natural Remedy)

Bamboo Is Also Used Medicinally By Healers In Most Asian Countries, The Bamboo Leaves Contain Many Antioxidants. And Are The Secret To Healthy Glowing Skin Bamboo Shoots Are Known To Regulate Menstrual Pain. These Heavy Bleeding And Help With Labour Pain Because Of Its Antibacterial Properties.

Bamboo Can Also Be Used To Treat Wounds And If You Have Mild Indigestion. Try Eating A Bamboo Shoot’ For An Easy Cure Who Knew That One Measly Plant Could Be So Multifaceted.

No 5 (Paper)

Bamboo Has Been Used By The Chinese To Make Paper For Over 1,500 Years. Using Wood Pulp To Make Paper Is Destroying Our Forests.

The Popularity Of Bamboo Paper Has Grown In Recent Years. And You Don’t Have To Worry About Bamboo Paper Being Worse Than Regular Paper.

Since It’s Pretty Much Comparable In Every Way. Plus You Can Even Buy Bamboo Tissue Paper And Toilet Paper Products That You Won’t Feel Guilty About Using.

No 6 (Rugs)

If You’ve Ever Been Shopping Around For A New Rug You Might Want To Consider Getting Yourself.

A Bamboo Silk Rug, Bamboo Silk Is Derived From Dried Out Cellulose. That Is Extracted From The Bamboo Plant Since Traditional Silk Rugs Are Delicate. They Usually Have To Be Placed In Low Traffic Areas.

But Bamboo Silk Rugs Are Durable And Won’t Wear Down. If They’re Placed In High-Traffic Areas You Can Also Purchase A Bamboo Wood Rug. If You’re Looking For Something That Will Show Off The Naked Beauty Of This Natural Fiber

No 7 (Beer)

After Realizing That It Was Possible To Grow Bamboo In Canada. Master Brewers Came Together To Create The Ultimate Bamboo Beer Recipe.

Spearheaded By An Ontario Company Called Bamboo Beer. It’s Hard To Believe That This Alcoholic Beverage Is Made Out Of Bamboo. Well, It’s Not Technically Made Out Of Bamboo Shoots.

But It Is Brewed From A Tea That Is Made From Bamboo. And Hops Bamboo Beer Is A 5.7% Ale. That You Need To Try Out Next Time You Find Yourself In Ontario.

And If That’s Too Far From Where You Live You Can Even Find A Bamboo Beer Company In Mexico.

No 8 (Utensils)

Unless you’ve been living Under a Rock you definitely already know About the World’s Huge Plastic Problem. If You Want to Help Fix the Issue At Hand.

You Can Always Buy Yourself A Bamboo Utensil Set. Instead Of Using A Plastic Fork That’ll End Up In A Landfill. You Can Choose To Use A Reusable And Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fork Instead.

No 9 (Toothbrush)

Like We Just Mentioned Plastic Is A Huge Issue Did You Know That Over A Billion Toothbrushes End Up In Landfills.

Each Year In North America Alone One Of Those Toothbrushes The Ones That Are Made Of Plastic Take About 400 Years To Decompose Luckily.

We Can Now Buy Bamboo Toothbrushes That Are Made With Handles That Are 100% Compostable But Even If You Throw Your Bamboo Toothbrush Out With Your Garbage It’ll Still Decompose Much Faster Than Regular Toothbrushes.

And Because Bamboo Is Antimicrobial You Won’t Have To Worry About Any Funky Bacteria Growing On Your Handle

No 10 (Towels)

For The Same Reasons That Were Previously Listed In Favor Of Bamboo Clothing, You Should Go Out Right Now To Get Yourself Of Bamboo Towels.

Besides Bamboo Fabric Being Super soft Bamboo Towels Are Great Because They’re Super Absorbent, In Fact, A Bamboo Towel Can Absorb Up To Four Times As Much Water As A Regular Cotton Towel.

However, That Does Mean That You’ll Have To Leave It Out To Dry For A Bit Longer But Don’t Worry About Any Bacteria Growing On Your Damp Towel Because Bamboo Fabric Is Naturally Antimicrobial And Antifungal.

Plus These Towels Cost The Same As Regular Towels So The Choice Seems Simple That’s All For 10 Ways You Didn’t Know You Can Use Bamboo Do You Have A Favorite Bamboo Product Tell Us All About It In The Comments Below.


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