BlogSpot Blog’s Advanced Settings – Today We Will Talk About BlogSpot See Tutorial Which already Uploaded On Big team, Blogger See Plug-in, Blogger Search Preferences, Settings Blogger See 2018, Crawlers And Indexing, Setting In Blogger, How To Make Blogger See Google’s Blogger Platform Is Being Popular In The World Today Due To Its Metrics.

Today, We Are Going To Tell You Some Information That Does Not Come To Everyone, It Is Very Easy To Open Your Website On Blogger, It Is Also Hard To Rank A Post On The BlogSpot, For New Blog Users. So friends read this article till the end I’ll tell you 5 main settings of blogger BlogSpot to rank in Google easily. So let’s start.

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But We Are Going To Tell You Some Settings That Do Not Fix FIX By Looking At Many Blogger Pearls And Do Not Read Their Post Information Correctly With Google Robots (A Method Machine) Due To Which You Can Work On Your Blogger Site. He Remains Unemployed

5 Main Settings Of Blogger BlogSpot To Rank In Google


This 90 Percent Of Bloggers Do Not Improve This Type Of Setting
If Your Web Page Has Been Deleted Or You Have A Page Or A Post Url You Have Removed, Then The URL That Comes With The URL Instead Of The Page Does Not Show It, It Has A Very Bad Effect On Google’s Search Robot And Google Bot Your Website Is Considered Negative
 Most Of The Bloggers Are Not Aware Of This Because They Change Your Next Posting, So Definitely Change This Type Of Setting By Going To Your Site And Check Out Our Video For More Information Or By Writing Anything In Our Block Post. You Will Know If The Phone Is Not

2 – Blogger Post Title Format

This Is A Theme Setting. In Many Themes, This Setting Is Not In The Right Format, Due To This, Your Post Is Incorrectly Displayed In The Search Engine.
title> <data: blog.pagetitle /> </ title>
And Replace It With
<b: if cond = ‘data: blog.pageType == & quot; index & quot;’>
<title> <data: blog.title /> </ title>
<b: else />
<title> <data: blog.pageName /> </ title>
</ b: if>
3 – Use Meta Tags
Friends Would Like To Tell You That As We Talk To People In Our Own Language, Search Robots Use Meta Tag Descriptions And Titles To Read A Website To Speak In Their Own Language, So If You Use Meta Tag Descriptions And Titles Well That Means That Google’s Algorithms Use Meta Tags Accordingly, Your Information Is Understood Quickly By Google And Your Site Will Rank Quickly. So That You Get To See A Lot Of Change In SEO And You Start Ranking Topper On Google

4 On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips For BlogSpot

# 1 Custom Robot Header Tag

There Are Some Settings For Bloggers That They Can Make Your Blog More SEO Friendly For Your Blog Individually Read This Big Technical YouTube Channel Tutorial For Setting Custom Robot Header Tags For Your BlogSpot Blog Now

5 Main Settings Of Blogger BlogSpot To Rank In Google
Custom Robots Header Meta Tags
# 2 Custom Robots.Txt
Search Engine Bots Like Googlebot (Google’s Web Crawling Robots) Require Some Guidelines On How To Crawl And Index Our Blog. To Protect Our Blog Against Duplicate Content Issues, We Use Google To Protect Our Blog From Duplicate Content Issues. To Add Custom Robots.Txt File To Blogger, See Big Technical YouTube Channel
# 3Image Optimization See
You Can Definitely Notice Relevant Images Between Posts On Many Blogs. Images Not Only Increase The View Of Our Content, But It Also Plays An Important Role In Optimizing Our Blog Posts. If We Use Images Effectively In Our Blog Posts, Then We Can Get Additional Traffic From Search Engines.
# 4 Internal Linking SEO
Many Bloggers Fail To Customize Their Internal Links Or Even Do Not Link Their Posts Internally To Each Other. This Is Really A Big Mistake That We Should Avoid. Internal Links Not Only Enhances The Views Of Our Blog Page, But Also Helps Our Posts Rank Well In Search Engines. If You Are Making The Same Mistake, You Will Need Some Suggestions To Customize Your Internal Links.
# 5 Search Engine Submissions
When We’re Ready To Make Our Blog Posts, We Need To Submit Your Blog To Google’s Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools Has To Verify And Submit Our Blog And It Also Tells Us About Our Blog’s Information Such As Broken Links, HTML Fixes Etc. That We Should Try To Solve. We Just Need To Verify Our Blog Ownership And Submit A Sitemap
# 6  Improve Your Blog Load Time
If It Takes A Lot Of Time To Open Your Blog, Then The Visitor Who Comes Back Will Go Back To Another Site And Never Come Back To Know Anything But So Surely Google Will Notify You Immediately, It Will Increase The Bounce Rate Of Your Blog. And You Will Lose Your Valuable Traffic
I Have Mentioned All On-Page SEO Tips For BlogSpot Blogs In This Post, I Will Ease To Give You More Quality Information In My Future Post.

# Conclusion

Motivation,  I Only Want To Tell You That, If You Have Decided To Earn Money Online So You Have To Focus Only On Work Not On Money. Just Do A Work, A Time Will Come, and Money Will Come To You.
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