Benefits And Loss of creating a blog on Blogger: Blogging requires a blog, and many bloggers start their blogging from Google Blogger and there is a reason behind this when whenever a New User comes to the area in Blogging So, he does not know anything about blogging, and when he does not know about this topic, he wants to start it free because he does not know that he will be able to blogging and have the advantage or not.
Google provides a free platform for blogging to a blogger, which is Google Blogger but does not even have a feeling that if it is free then it can not work. Blogger is also a great platform to blogging if it meets all of your requirements but if you need an Advance Feature from it then you may have to go to another Platform for Blogging

Benefits And Loss of Blogger Blog

There are many benefits to blogging on Blogger, if you talk about the benefits, it does not need to spend the money in it, while talking about another platform, there is no other platform than the free service that Blogger gives and There is no limit to any kind of thing here, which makes it the best platform for Blogger.

Benefits of Blogger Blog

1. Free Hosting:

Creating any blog requires storage, in which all the types of blogs used on the Data Store are stored, also called Hosting. Blogger gives you Free Hosting, this means that you do not have to spend any money for Blogger, whereas in other Platform, you may have to spend thousands of rupees for hosting.

2. Free / Custom Domain:

Blogger is an Awesome Platform that you can use either Free Domain or Custom Domain, and if you have a Free or Paid Domain, then in both cases there is no validity. By which you can use it for Lifetime.

3. Change Blogging Platform:

A blogger should work on the platform that he works on, and that is also a great platform, but when a blogger does not get all that he wants, then he will be able to get this Platform It is good to say goodbye but it does not end here but he can take his own data as well, meaning that if he wants to go to another platform then he can go and from where the blogging ended on Blogger, Blogging can start on another platform Backup is available for

4. Blog Theme / Post Backup:

Creating Backup of Your Data is very helpfulful and it is known to all because we do not know when our data is deleted or damaged. Therefore, on Blogger, you get the option to create a backup which you have to do Mannual but yes there is no shortage of backups. You get Full Backup.

5. Use Free / Custom Theme:

If you want to add Free Theme or Paid Theme to your blog then you also get this feature so that you can use it very easily. Do not make use of Theme Free or Paid on Blogging.

6. Customize Theme:

Whatever theme you use, you can also show Coding of the theme used on your blog, which can be done if you want to change but yes if you do not know the knowledge of Coding then without Knowledge If you do not mess with Coding, then your Theme Band will ring.

7. Simple Layout:

One of the reasons for blogger’s introduction of blogging from Google Blogger is that it is easy to use, that means it’s easy to use like we can easily manage a new software on Mobile or Computer Do it exactly the same way.

8. Backup Upload:

Backup Upload feature is also important because if this feature is not there, then creating a backup is of no importance. You can also upload Backup on Blogger, which is the benefit that you can easily do if you want to update a Blog’s Data on Other Blog.

9. Free SSL Certificate:

Get Free SSL Certificate for Your Blog on Blogger From which you can open your blog in HTTPS. It will also work on SSL Free or Custom Domain.

Losses in Blogger Blog

There are no problems in getting the benefits from where it is not possible. This can not be done in the same way Blogger has got advantages but there are some problems in this platform which may have to be faced by the blogger but if you have to If you do not have any kind of problem then it’s right for you, Google Blogger, you are also given the information about losses in Blogger Blog –

1. Extra Feature:

If a Blogger is satisfied with all the features found on Blogger, then there is no problem with this platform for that, but if Blogger wants to use the Advance Feature from it then it can read using another Platform. .

2. Permalink:

Friends, if you are thinking that link to Blogger on the Month and Year Add, it is Problum then we are not talking about this because if the link is Month and Year, then there is no Problum on your blog. Coming till you do not update any post, but if it comes to updating the post, then post is updated after 1 month of its publication, then your link will have New Month or Year Add, Post will become a new link and you will start 404 Error Show on the old link.
Now it is said that Post will be updated but what will happen if it is not changed in date, then tell you that your post will be updated but there will be no impact on your post’s rank, so that you do not take advantage of this update Will find

3. The danger of blog delete:

If a blogger does something wrong, such as copying any information from other website or giving anonymous information to your blog, so that Visiter has Problum, then your Blog from Google Blogger Automatic can be deleted without your permission.

4. Solution for SEO Help:

A blogger wants to be a recipient of SEO to help him when he writes to Post, so that he can make his post SEO Friendly but there is no such facility in Blogger From which you will have to do Menique Work for SEO and keep in mind that any SEO step should not be incomplete.

5. Blogger Limit:

Blogger Theme supports HTML, CSS, and Java Script Language only if you want to add other language to it, you do not get this feature. Apart from this, you also do not have the facility to store Songs or Video here.
Hopefully you have found the benefits and loss of information about creating blogs on Blogger and now if you work with Blogger, then what are the information you need to know about your blogging, if you have this post If you have any questions related to, then you can ask us in the comment Section.


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