Best 5 Android Apps For Video Editing 2019

The days went when you only used to record video in digital cameras or DSLR. In addition to growing technology, you can capture some great shots by using your smartphone’s camera. You can shoot some great videos with your Android Smartphone, but after shooting a video, you have to edit Video to show it so good. So friends Here 5 best android apps for video editing.

5 Android Apps for Video Editing – Video Editing Apps 2019

Simultaneously, social media is becoming very popular and every day people like to share their party videos, Facebook and special day videos on all social media. But it is not so much fun to share those videos shot on a smartphone with Facebook. For this, you can make Boring Video more attractive by editing some Basic Video.
Editing a video is not so easy. You need a computer for this, and you should also be aware of video editing.
Occasionally you would think about whether we can edit your video from our mobile phone or not. Smartphones are also very good at today’s time, which will get you plenty of features, but they are not as powerful as the computer yet. Because of this, editing a video on mobile will be a task for you.

By the way, you will find some apps on the Play Store, in which you can edit Basic and that too well. Let us know who is Android apps from which you can make the best video editing-5 Android application for video editing is good enough to read?

1) PowerDirector Video Editor App:

You can edit the best video using this app. With the help of Powerful Timeline Video Editing, you can add cool video effects very well.
In this app, you can easily edit Record footage in your smartphone. Along with this, you can create HD mini motion pictures with easy video fx and transition effects, not only that, but you can also create a slow-motion movie in it. You can also adjust video speed in it.

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But in whatever video you edit in it, you will see a watermark named PowerDirector. If you want to delete this watermark, you have to spend Rs. 390, then you can delete this name.

2) KineMaster – Pro Video Editor:

KineMaster is a professional Full Editor video editor for Android, which supports Multi Layers. It has easy to cut videos with images, text, trimming, multi-track audio, volume control, 3D transitions and so much that you can use to edit a good video.
In it, video clips and layers can be trimmed by frame-by-frame, audio clip timing can be adjusted with sub-frame acoustics.
KineMaster You can also instantly preview the video. It supports four additional audio tracks and can include unlimited audio clips.

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KineMaster supports unlimited text, images, handwriting and sticker layers.
But you also get a watermark in the video, and if you want to remove the watermark, you have to take a monthly subscription of 287.

3) Funimate:

The Funimate app is also a professional video editor, but this is not the most powerful video editor app. It has 15 video filters and you can easily edit the video with its help.
With Funimate, you can quickly change your everyday memories into creative videos and edit them in the Oscar Visual Effects, you can get lots of effects.

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If you want to easily edit the video then this app will be better for you. You can download this app from the following link.

4) Movie Maker Filmmaker:

Movie Maker Filmmaker is a Classics Design Video Editor, where you can easily edit the video. In this, you can trim, crop and reload the video content. This will give you plenty of features which will help you to easily edit the video.

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Along with this, there are several types of Video Effect in it and you can apply your own custom filters.

5) Magisto Video Editor & Maker:

Magisto is a great app because it best edits the video for you. You just have to upload your video clip, choose the theme and music, then after watching Magisto’s magic you will be able to edit the video properly!
Magisto is the best app for those who do not like to edit videos themselves or are not interested in this work.

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Magisto Video Editor automatically turns your photos and video clips into a magical music video, so that your video will be edited so that your heart will be lost.

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