Blogger Vs WordPress: Hello Friends, In This Post, I’ll Tell You The Best Platform For Beginners Blogger  And How To Choose The Best Blogging Platform For Yourself In Start. Eventually A Blogger Who Keeps Information About Google Blogger And WordPress And Easily Keeps The Information Of The Better Platform In These Platforms, But When A New Blogger Comes In The Area Of Blogging, Then He Does Not Know About Blogger Vs WordPress Both Platforms And For This Reason, He Also Makes A Mistake In Choosing The Right Blogging Platform For Himself In Start.

Any Platform Can Only Facilitate The User, But The User Will Have To Work Hard On The Platform Only If The User Is Going To Benefit From Blogging. Many Users Want To Come To WordPress Due To Lack Of Traffic On Blogger But Tell Me Him If Talk Traffic Is Ranking, So On WordPress It Will Be All That Is On Blogger.

Blogger Vs WordPress : Which Is Best Blogging Platform for Beginners

  1. Blogging Platform Cost
  2. Server Access
  3. Google Adsense
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  5. Traffic
  6. Ranking
  7. Blog Customize
  8. Feature
  9. Security

Blogger Vs WordPress : Which Is Best Blogging Platform for Beginners

If Good Blogging Platform Is Talked About, Then Both Blogger And WordPress Are Good But What The User Needs Is Platform Depends On Him/Her, Apart From This, It Is Also Important To Keep In Mind That The User Can Better Manage His Blog On The Platforms. The Same Thing As The Search Engine, The Search Engine Has Both The Same Platform.
For Which Platform The Batter Is For You, The Platform Is Compared On A Few Points, And On This Basis, The Best Blogging Platform Can Be Selected. You Are Also Given Information Here On A Few Points Basis.

Blogging Platform Cost

It Is Very Important To Know About How Much To Spend On The Blogging Platform, If It Is Necessary To Have A New Blogger, Then It Can Select The Best Blogging Platform For Itself. Google Blogger Is A Completely Free Blogging Platform. But If You Have A Different Theme Or Want To Buy A Domain And Can Use It Without Charging It On Your Blog. There Is No Charge From You On Behalf Of Blogger, But You Can Use All The Features On The Blogger Dashboard For Free.
Free Blog Can Also Be Created On WordPress But On This Free Blog You Can Use Free Themes And Domains But If You Want To Use More Features Along With Plugin You Have Purchased Or Domain Or Theme Or WordPress So If You Have To Upload Your Blog On Hosting It Means That You Have To Buy Hosting, For Which You Have To Charge Each Month.

Server Access

Any Blog Website Is Stored On Some Server Or Server, It Is Google’s Store On Google’s Server And Access To This Store Data Can Be Accessed By Google Only, But Accessing This Data Through A Blogger Account The Feature Also Gives Google Whereby The User Can Access The Feature Given In Blogger.
This Is A Self Hosted Blog, Which Means That You Have To Create Your Own Server To Create A Blog On Which You Store Your Blog’s Data Store, So That Users Can Access Their Servers Easily. And The User’s Access To This Server Is Only Accessible To The User, It Can Not Control Any Other.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense Blogger And WordPress Work Together For Both Blogs, This Means That If You Apply For Google Adsense From A Blogger Or WordPress Blog Then You Will Get Approve According To The Same Policy But If Google Adsense Ads Blog When It Comes To Putting It On You, You Get Better Feature On Blogger Than Blogger Because On Blogger Blog You Have To Create An Ads Unit And You Have To Place Ads In Your Post, Whereas WordPress Has To Do This Once Only And Ads In All Your Posts Automatic Show
Apart From This, It Comes To Blocking The Google Adsense Account, The Benefit Is Only Available To The Blogger, Because The Blogger Is The Google Service And Adsense Also Accesses Google. Google Can Handle This If Your Blog Has Some Invalid Activity.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Has A Lot Of Work On A Blog Because SEO Can Be Used To Give Traffic To The Search Engine, Now If It Is Talked Of About A Blogger, Then It Takes A Manual Step To Seo And The User Gets The Attention It Has To Be Kept That No Seo Step Is Missing. But If You Talk About WordPress, You Can Write Posts To SEO Friendly Post Using Seo Plugin, Which Helps Save A Lot Of Time In The Post Seo.


Looking At The Traffic, It Is Also Very Important To Choose A Blogging Platform. If There Is An Unlimited Traffic On The Blogger Then It Will Not Affect The Server. Your Server Will Work Smoothly But Controlling Unlimited Traffic On WordPress Depends On Your Hosting Provider Because If You Use Free Or Any Cheap Hosting So The Chance Of Getting Down Your Server Is Very High.


The Blogger Platform Is Free While Blogging Is Needed To Create A Blog On WordPress, But Even On The Ranking Base, Both The Blogger And The WordPress Are Both Blogs Or Bloggers, Or Both Of Them Can Be Ranked Better On The Ranking And Both For Ranking You Have To Work Hard On The Blogger Platform.
          How To Rank In Google 1stPage
Blog Customize
Customizing A Blog Is Also Very Important As It Also Has To Take Care Of Everything That Is Helpful For The Visitor, Otherwise The Visitor Does Not Like To Come To The Blog. Customizing Blogger Is Not So Difficult, But It Requires You To Edit Coding. Then You Can Customize The Blogger Blog, But There Is No Word In WordPress. But There Are Many Tools And Plugins You Can Customize The Blog Without Editing It Without Coding.
Blogger And WordPress Get The Difference Of The Feature Because The Update On The Blogger Gets Very Little, Due To Which It Has Limited Features, But You Can Get Updates From Time To Time On WordPress. Can Do It. Apart From This, You Get Access To Many Features In WordPress On Post, Comment, Page, Setting.


It Is Very Important For The Blog To Be Safe In Blogging, Blogger Is Spoken, So The Security Of The Blog Is Done By Google, So It Is Not Possible To Access It Without Any Other User’s Wish Or Mistake By Word Of WordPress If It Is Spoken, Security Is Responsible For The User And How To Protect Your Blog, It All Depends On The User.
Blogger Is More Threatening To Hack A Blog Than Blogger, And I’ve Also Heard Of Many Users Blogs Being Hacked But Do Not Mind Blogger. The Blog Can Also Be Kept Safe On WordPress But The User Will Have To Pay Attention To This, Or Any Small Mistake Can Cause You To Lose Access To Your Blog.
Friends, You Have Been Given Information On Blogger Vs WordPress, On The Basis Of Some Important Things, But If You Want To Learn Blogging Or All The Features You Need Are On Google Blogger, Then Blogger Will Be The Best For You. If You Want To Blogging With Advance Then You Will Need A WordPress Platform.


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