This thing is not hidden from anyone that the Internet search engine Google monitors its users’ activities. The company itself also believes that Behavioral data of users is helpful in providing better search results. Google constantly tracks what users are searching, what they like and where they are traveling. Here’s a list of things Google tracks and how you can delete it
Search data

Google has saved data from Google’s data and so far as you have searched for anything else. Google also stores data on every app.
How to delete: You can see your professional or strange search history by going to Google’s My Activity page and here you can delete it by clicking delete activation option. Also, it can be turned off by going to the Activities Controls page.

Voice Search Audios

After saying ‘OK Google’, the voice recordings of all those who have made you search in Google are also saved on Google server. You can also listen to these recordings on the My Activity page.
How to delete: You can turn off this feature by visiting the Voice and Audio Activity page. Old audios can also be deleted by going to the management.

Location tracking

Like Google search and audio data, it also records that you have locked up. Go to the Google Location History and go to the Timeline page so you can see which day, at what time you were at.
How to Delete: The option of Location Activity controls is displayed on the Google Settings page. Here you can turn off location history.
# Conclusion
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