How to earn 100$ a day online for free
How to earn 100$ a day online for free

Hello friends, so how are you all today. I hope that you all are fine. So friends in this article we will learn how to earn 100$ a day. Yeah, friends, you listen right that how you can make 100$ a per day online for free with no investment. So friends let’s begin and read this article till the end.

This Report is never deceiving, nor is it an exaggeration. It discards any speculative and cheating behavior that can lead you to be named. It stood in an objective position and calmly and sharply analyzed the feasibility of making a net profit of $100 dollars a day (and above) for all kinds of online earning projects. The various data involved in this article are the real data that I provided during the online earning process.

Project Analysis to earn 100$ a day

  • In the 1990s, there were many click-through companies in the US and Europe (known as PTC in English). The business model of this type of PTC company is: the company members are divided into two categories: advertisers and members. Advertisers spend money to advertise to the company, and the company places these ads on their own websites for a display to members.
  • If a member clicks on this advertisement, the advertising cost of the advertisement invested by the advertiser is divided by the company and the member. For example, the Coca-Cola Company advertises to PTC, and each time an ad clicks, it pays PTC $0.1. PTC has placed this Coca-Cola advertisement on its own PTC website. Members who are interested in Coca-Cola beverages, or members like our online earners, click on this ad and the company and members each earn $0.05.

PTC Sites History

  • In the past two years, due to the sudden emergence of other types of net profit, such PTC companies have gradually been left out. However, the powerful Neobux and ClixSense’s two powerful PTC stations have been supported all the time, making PTC a sought after one. Oh, on Neobux and ClixSense, it’s easy to earn a few dollars a day by clicking on an ad.
  • In the recent period, PTC Network earned the most popular, and it was Neobux and ClixSense. I believe that the vast majority of old friends have also participated and have already made multiple gains. Advertising at Neobux and ClixSense points for a minimum of $0.001 per click. The biggest advantage of Neobux and ClixSense is its 0 second payment! For example, the minimum threshold for Neobux is 2USD, you only need to spend 5 minutes a day, if there are 10 or so offline (I believe you can do it!), you can get 2 dollars from Neobux automatically to you in three or five days. International online banking account. Moreover, as long as you have luck in Neobux, you can get thousands of off-line opportunities for free.

The Advantages Of The PTC Project from earn 100$ a day

  • Good projects are stable for a long time. The PTC project has been popular for many years abroad and will not disappear in the future. As long as you don’t cheat, you never have to worry about the risk that your account will be blocked and your income will not be honored.
  • rich in resources, inexhaustible. The PTC project is not a website, a company is doing it, but a large number of companies and websites are doing it. There are thousands of common websites. The resources are too rich! You can do dozens of homes and hundreds of them at the same time. Even if one of the websites is closed due to poor management or problems with the reputation of the webmaster, your loss is nothing more than a haircut. In a word: PTC project is the current online earning project with the least risk, the lowest starting point, the most resources, and the most secure income (although it needs to manually point each advertisement, it is a little tired)!
The PTC Project from earn 100$ a day
The PTC Project from earn 100$ a day

Advertisers PPC Rates

  • the accumulation of less and more, the future is boundless. Take the current PTC’s typical website, Neobux. Each advertisement of Neobux receives $0.034 from the advertiser. When a member clicks on the advertisement, Neobux pays the member $0.01 and rewards him with $0.005. Neobux only supports one layer of offline, that is, everyone can only have one online. Obviously, Neobux will pay a maximum of $0.02 for each click of the member, and the company will not lose money. However, every PTC earning a friend can theoretically have an unlimited number of downlines. Every time you add a downline, he clicks on an ad and you get a $0.005 income. This kind of reward system allows you to be motivated, not only to madly advertise, but also to constantly develop your own offline. And your downline keeps increasing, your income will continue to double!
  • first bitter and sweet. Oh, I don’t know what you are doing now. But if you can’t work tomorrow, you may not get a salary. But if you can insist on recommending friends to do PTC for half a year, after half a year, you can go back to your home’s back garden to raise flowers, plant grass, sit back and relax, sit back and relax, sing and dance.
  • the starting point is low, easy to get started. Do PTC, you don’t need to know web programming, you don’t need to know the html code, you don’t need to promote the update website, you don’t have to worry about the traffic, you don’t have to worry about the world ranking… as long as you understand the basic computer operation and have the PTC network earned successfully.
  • Four Hearts (Doing a recommendation with “Patience”, filling out the registration form is “attentive”, clicking on the advertisement has “perseverance”, and “Responsibility” for PTC Network to earn success) is enough!

PTC’s Focus On earn 100$ a day

  • Team spirit is paramount. If you find it difficult to find a friend, you can’t continue to make money online. We are 100 people who prefer to use 1% of their strength, and don’t use 100% of their own strength. There is no perfect individual, but there is a perfect team.
  • If you don’t believe in the power of the team, then you can never make much money by making online profits – at least you can’t make “100$ a day.”
  • no worries, you are attentive. As the saying goes, “It is better to break one of his fingers.” If you make money online, PTC also does, surveys do, surfing is also done, self-driving tour also does… Oh, you don’t know how to give up, you can’t do it in the end.

Advertisers Focus

  • the eyes must be long-term, but the speed is not up. The long-term vision is too important. For example, if you cheating for short-term effects, you will pay the price soon and feel regret. On the contrary, if you can endure the current hardships and pave the way for the future, you will have to suffer hard and bitter! This is the long-term solution for PTC.
  • the water drops stone wear, you insist on it. Some people make net profit, and in the end they all gain a small amount, because he did not insist. Think about it: Why can’t we recite 300 Tang poems now? If you were willing to recite a Tang poem one day, is it not difficult to recite 300 of it now? Therefore, the key to success in any business is persistence. It is not difficult to take one hour a day to introduce a friend. Earn 100 dollars a day per person, and you will get it in half a year! The PTC project is worth doing – I would like to ask: From today on, you have been fighting for half a year in the professional sector. How likely are you to achieve a monthly salary of US$3,000 (22.25 million yuan) after half a year?
Advertisers Focus to earn 100$ per day
Advertisers Focus to earn 100$ per day
  • Clear goals. This is a commonplace, and there is no need to talk about the importance. Our goal is to achieve a single person’s daily income of 100 US dollars within six months!
  • These days, in the qq group, on the blog, I often hear people complain that it is not easy to make recommendations. It is said that the recommended downline is not hard. After a few days, I will give up PTC and other topics. Oh, let me talk about my opinion below.
  • First, it is not difficult to make a recommendation, because PTC is free to register without paying a penny, because there are too many potential customers we recommend. There are now 200 million people online in China, of which less than 1% are engaged in online earning, and even fewer foreign-made online earning projects!
  • You may think again: “This is more, but there are more stars in the sky? When you develop an account for each person in China, no one will register.” Oh, you are still wrong! You didn’t expect the brothers and sisters who started to make living hard after graduating from elementary school or high school every year. How many people there are!
  • some people will give up during the process of doing PTC. This does exist. But this is rarely the case in my direct offline. I think this may be the recommended method problem. When I was recommending a friend to be a PTC, I sincerely told him that the hard work of PTC and the initial income would not be many of these facts. If you say that if he joins you, he will buy him an ice cream, then he will not remember what he just registered after eating the ice cream. What about persistence + hard work.
  • it is not difficult to do PTC recommendations. I think this may involve the individual’s comprehensive ability and is related to his or her own age. Some people just said a few words on the friends who came to consult and touched a gray nose; some people didn’t want to recommend friends, but the friends chased his ass and asked how to make money. What is the PTC project? made.
  • In any case, recommending friends and expanding the network are the key points in the long-term, stable income focus! I never gave up trying to learn better recommendations. Of course, I will not share these experiences. I will share them with you on this website or in the QQ group of Yiyingger.

PTC’s Successful Model to earn 100$ a day

  • After testing for a while, I have already collected several times and finally can confirm that the PTC project is worth doing. If the PTC project is not worth the effort, then making money online is really a dead end. If a friend who is just about to try to make money from the Internet feels that he can’t do PTC, then go back and do business or work in the traditional industry.
PTC's Successful Model to earn 100$ a day
PTC’s Successful Model to earn 100$ a day
  • At present, I have selected the PTC project to the PTC network to earn selected columns, and will update, add, delete at any time, please be sure to pay attention every day.

How To Choose A PTC Station That Can Be Done 100$ a day online

  • The first step is to get familiar with the PTC website. If you are a newbie, it will take two days. Please don’t worry, you can’t wait. Rolling melons is a prerequisite for starting to make money.
  • The second step, perseverance, and hard work. Don’t try to be opportunistic, don’t think about cheating. This site firmly refuses to cheat friends with multiple accounts, want to register to become this site PTC offline! Be a predecessor! We must do PTC in a down-to-earth manner and learn network marketing knowledge seriously. The more friends you recommend, the more experience you recommend, the more you have your experience, and the income is constantly multiplying…

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  • The third step is to successfully copy. Invite a person effectively every day, come to your blog or website to read PTC, and sign up to join in the development and promotion – PTC makes money is as simple as that!

Let Me Give You An Account Now.

  • Daily revenue per website: $0.03-$0.30, we even earn $0.05 per site per day. Even though we currently only recommend 60 PTC websites on our website (it will be added and updated in the future, please pay attention to them often), so that your daily income is about: $3.00. Every time you recommend a friend, your income doubles. In 10 days, you recommended 10 friends (note: you must be active offline for advertising every day). Your daily income is $33.00. Is it close to or exceed your current daily salary? @_@
  • After half a year, if you feel tired, then you can rest, and earn 100$  day online, and the monthly income is 21,600 yuan. What do you want to do! Traveling to Tibet and Xinjiang? Oh, I don’t think I will feel tired after half a year, because I still have a medium-term goal: I earned 1 million in two years! I will do more complex online earning projects such as doing online advertising, making money to make money, and trying to open my own PTC station.

Recommend A Friend To Earn, Tired?

  • Oh, too tired? Anyway, I can’t say it to me, because I like the Internet and I like to make money in this industry. I like to be a free-born earlyboy or earlygirl at home. Well, to earn 100$ a day, it’s definitely a little tired. this is normal. There are no white pies in the sky, and there is no white lunch on the ground. Without paying, there is no return. How can I see the rainbow without going through the storm?
  • Let’s all come, work together, and do PTC together, so that our income doubles and multiplies! When your downline group is formed, you don’t do PTC, and your money will increase, because the net earning is pipeline engineering. In the traditional industry, if you don’t do it, you will lose your source of income immediately.
  • If you don’t have much savings, your life will be lost. Because the traditional industry is doing the backwater project – one day of water, one day of money. . The pros and cons are obvious! The PTC website has been popular for so many years and will not disappear in the future. As long as you insist on recommending friends for half a year, it is much better than buying an old-age insurance!

Is It Very Boring And Boring To Order Advertisements Every Day?

  • Do not worry! PTC will be my main operation project. For this reason, I have specially created a PTC fast earning skill. You will meet him when you learn about the online earning college, which will make it easier to click on the advertisement. I also have a suggestion: When you order an advertisement, you can listen to music, online radio, and with the music beat moving the mouse, you will feel that your click is the dance on the display!
  • If you have previously registered some of the sites in PTC’s featured website, please do not repeat the registration to our name, otherwise it will be easy for you to cheat. If you are determined to support us and develop a profitable business with us (each station has 60% – 100% high rebate), please disconnect the ip (adsl user), then clear the cookie, then Change the user name, change the mailbox, it is best to change the PayPal, AlertPay account (you can add multiple email addresses in PayPal, AlertPay is equivalent to PayPal, AlertPay account), you can re-register!

I Really Want To Try It, But I Don’t Know How To earn 100$ a day online for free?

  • If you have a lot of interest, we welcome you to work with us to develop a career. However, you still need to know some basic knowledge. I suggest you start with Easystart’s “Newbie Guide” and step by step. Asking how to do a new addition, and then you can operate one or more projects, in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Otherwise there is a lot of knowledge you have not learned. This will not solve your problems and your own problems.


the network to make money, will be the main net profit operation project of Easy earn network. We plan to achieve a daily average income of $100 within six months.

Speaking of the truth, after this period of operation experience: every day click, feel free to enter the account, I feel very good! And this project is sustainable and incremental! Unlike other projects that earn membership fees, although they may be climactic, resources are limited and will not be permanent.

Some friends make money and are eager to earn more money. They want to earn more money and join the highly paid website. We have also gone through detours. In fact, the net profit can not be like this, the heart can not eat hot tofu, the speed is not up. Currently, we are engaged in online earning projects with a reasonable reward of $0.01-$0.02 per click, generally $0.01 per click. A company whose average salary exceeds this value must be a liar–the moon in the water, visible, intangible, and unproductive.

The best time to order ads every day:

There are a total number of ads for each PTC site. You are gone when you are full. If the day does not click on the advertisement, there is no downline commission, so this site suggests that you should look at the advertisement update time of each project every day. The general online earning project has the next advertisement update time. It is recommended that you click every day. Time

It’s best to fix it. Don’t think about what time point is it every day. It may not get the downline commission. If you are fast, all the ads for all the sites listed in this project, you can click once, only about 1 hour. The PTC Featured Network earned by this feasibility project will be updated and added at any time. It is recommended that you add this website to your favorites and feel free to step on this website and follow the update.

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