Most of the bloggers are doing diligent work to get Google AdSense Approval on their blog or any site. So they can begin acquiring Money with their blog by putting Google AdSense  Ads on it.
How To Get Fully Approved Google AdSense Account In 2019

Getting Google AdSense Approval isn’t a simple errand in 2019. Just because of Google AdSense Policies And Terms and conditions. Google now strict their strategies due to the false individuals who should do different unlawful exercises with Google AdSense records, for example, offering the AdSense accounts in a colossal prize cash to the tenderfoot. Bloggers which is genuinely illicit and in the event that someone drives you to purchase the endorsed AdSense account from him/her, quickly dismiss it since it is turned out to be exceptionally dangerous for you in future.

Also, Many of the tenderfoot bloggers do different illicit activities or false practices to get Google AdSense approval on their blog or site yet this is a gigantic mix-up as Google can without much of a stretch recognize your activities and rejects you. As a matter of fact, Getting an AdSense activities is simple in the event that you pursue a few hints and rules carefully..

Fully Approved Google AdSense Account In 2019

In this way, Today I am going to share you some Google AdSense Account Approval Tricks. This tips and traps which I am imparting to you are absolutely legitimate and 100% working. And trust me in the event that you pursue this wisely and accurately, you get Google AdSense approval in only a couple of days.

Before we start, Let’s Know in short way that what is Google AdSense

Q – What is Google AdSense?
Fundamentally, Google AdSense is an Advertising program that is controlled by Google. Which permits the blog distributers in the Google Network of Content Sites to serve programmed content, picture, video, or intuitive media commercials. That are focused to website Content and audience. These notices are totally Monitered, arranged, and kept up by Google itself.

Also, AdSense is the best advertisement program as compared to the other ad networks which are available in the market.

Now, Let’s move to our main topic i.e How To Get Fully Approved Google AdSense Account In 2019

Best  Google  AdSense  Account  Approval  Tips And Tricks In 2019

1. Quality / Unique Content

The greater part of the new bloggers do this mix-up ordinarily which is they duplicate the Content or you can write articles from other well known sites. Also, numerous individuals utilize text rewriting sites to recover the article. Which they duplicate from different sites. And this is the most moronic thing ever. In the event that you doing this thing to compose articles and posts on your blog. Then you will never get an AdSense Approval on your site since Google crawlers and bots are sufficiently able to recognize these bizarre things. Indeed, I was additionally doing these kinds of things before all else when I am a Nil in blogging yet now I am sufficiently experienced to direct you in getting AdSense Apprroval for your blog.
The primary concern you ought to do is to compose the quality articles and some exceptional Content. Which peoples are resemble to peruse, you ought to compose your articles in any language. Whether it is Hindi or English. Additionally, Your articles or posts are more prominent than 700 words which is an adequate length.
In the event that you wind up composing the quality Content on your blog then you will get AdSense Approval effectively without a headache.

2. Important Pages

About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, Terms and conditions, Disclaimer. These are the 5 pages which are most essential for your blog or site for getting an AdSense Approval.
You should need to make these 5 pages in your blog since they are essential to your blog, particularly Contact Us, privacy policy, About us pages.
On the off chance that you are imagining that how might I make those pages in my blog or a site at that point kindly don’t stress. In light of the fact that there are now many sites which are available on the google and encourages you to produce your site’s security strategy, terms and conditions yet the one page i.e About us must be made by you since you are the special case who can quickly descibe that on what topic your site is based.
Some of the free tools are:

3. SEO Friendly Templates

Search engine optimization Friendly Template assumes a vital job in your blog and is also extremely benefit to get an AdSense approval on your blog or site. The vast majority of the learners do this mistake 90 times out of 100 that they generally utilize some awful looking and non-responsive templates.
You should to dependably utilize completely responsive, SEO friendly, Mobile friendly templates which suites your website niche(the topic on which your site is based). Also, Many learner bloggers utilize the layouts which are of the different category as compared to their blogs.
Most basic example – People utilize design blogger layouts in a tech class blog. Since they are attractive and wonderful.
Here are Some of the formats which you can use on your blog. These are completely responsive and SEO Friendly blogger Templates.
  1. Cyber
  2. Enside
  3. Publister
  4. Tech Wise
  5. News On
You can also download some cool responsive templates from

4. Website Optimization

Site optimization is vital to make your blog or site qualified to get AdSense Approval. The vast majority of the learners/begginers are neglected to optimize their site legitimately. Which is later bringing about the dissatisfaction with their AdSense account.
Here, I am giving you some valuable tips to Optimize your blog or site.
  1. Your site stacking rate Should be quick in both desktop and mobile versions.
  2. Your pictures which are utilized on the site are all around upgraded and should to have alt labels legitimately.
  3. Your on-page SEO score should to be great and minimum is 75.
  4. Your site must have a sitemap gadget in pages area with the goal that Google crawlers can undoubtedly arrange the posts of your site.
  5. Your site should to have legitimate Title, Description and Meta Description.
  6. Your site should not run such a large number of javascript because that they diminish your site stacking speed.
Note – You can also use SEO Analysis tools to analyze your website optimization

5. Google Analytics / Google Search Console

This is last and the most imperative thing that you should to do to get AdSense Approval on your site in light way. You need to set up a Google Analytics record and Google website admin account in Google search console. Which is exceptionally useful for you in ordering your webpage in Google and other famous web crawlers.
Also, You have to present a sitemap of your site in Google search console to rank quick on Google.
Google analytics account is extremely helpful in checking your site movement. So ensure that you have a Google Analytics Account your blog or your site.
You should to have minimum around 10 well-composed articles or blog posts before applying to AdSense.
So, I hope you liked the article and if you have any query or doubt in your mind then do share with us by commenting below, We will surely give reply 😀



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