How To Increase Adsense in Blogger How To Increase Adsense CPC: A Blogger Is Well Aware About Google Adsense Because Whenever A New Blogger Blog Creates It, He Definitely Thinks About Doing Earning From Blog And He The Best Source Of Earnings Is Google Adsense, Which Also Applies To Google Adsense Ads On Your Blog.

How To Increase Adsense CPC In Blogger Blog

Earning Is Done Whenever Ads Are Clicked On Adsense Of Google Adsense, But Very Little, That Requires Much More Click On Blog For Earning More To Blogger, Then Earning Is Good And Earning Adsense CPC Is Better There May Be More Earnings Even When Low Click.

What Is Google Adsense CPC

When It Comes To The Cost Per Click (CPC), It Can Be Understood In This Way, Whenever It Comes To Google Adsense Ads, That Click Has An ₹ Earning Rate That Meets Blogger, And On This Click, Adsense Rates Are Given As CPC (Cost Per Click) Or It Can Also Be Called Google Adsense Pay Per Click. Earning On Google Adsense Is The Reason Google Adsense CPC Is Low Due To Its Low Earnings.
How Much CPC Will Be Given On Click On Any Advertisement, It Is Decided By The Advertiser, While The Ads In Low CPC Or High CPC Show On Which Blog Is Google Adsense. But There Is No Denying That Adsense Only Gives Lower Cpcs, But A Higher CPC Is Also Given On Any Blog.

How To Increase Adsense CPC

To Get Good Earnings From Google Adsense, It Is Very Important To Combine Good Cpcs And To Get A Good CPC, You Must Know About What Is The Reason Why The CPC Is Very Low And How To Get It Solved Too. Google Adsense CPC Depends On A Few Factors Whose Information You Are About To Deliver –

1.    AD Type / Size

Due To The Low Google Adsense CPC, It Is Also Possible To Not Use The Right Ads Type And Their Size. To Get The Right CPC, It Would Be Best To Use The 728 X 90 Leaderboard, 300 X 600 Half Page, 336 X 280 Large Rectangle, 300 X 250 Medium Rectangle, And Mobile 320 X 100 Large Mobile Banner.
For Ad Type And Size, It Is Important To Keep In Mind That You Should Use Only Those Ads On Your Blog That Are Correctly Displayed On Your Blog And There Is No Problem In Seeing Any Visitor Visiting The Blog Page.

2.    Ads Block

Many Users Often Block Low CPC Ads To Get High Cpcs, While Google Adsense Considers This The Reason For The Low CPC And It Is Difficult To Predict Which Adsense Cpcs It Is. Many Blogs Block Ads In The Context Of Showing Related Ads To Their Blog Topic, And This Does Not Even Reduce Earning From Low CPC Ads.
If Blogger Wants To Block Any Ads, You Can Also Keep In Mind That Blocking Ads Of Any Category Does Not Stop Only A Few Ads, But Many Ads Block Together. Therefore, It Is Important To Keep In Mind That If Necessary Then Only Considers Blocking Ads.

3.    High CPC Keywords

Blogger Keyword Researches To Write A Post On Blog, Which Shows Him The Keyword’s Search Value And CPC, But User Often Searches For Keyword Search Which Has Higher Search Value But User Ignores CPC And Because Of Which Keyword Is Not Able To Earn Good Earnings Even After Clicking Ads.
Mostly, In Blogger Google Adword, The Keyword CPC That Is Showing On Keyword Is Considered To Be The Google Adsense CPC But It Does Not Mean It Has Worked Only For The Advertiser, Whereas Google Adsense’s CPC Is Different From That.

4.    Blog Traffic

Lack Of Traffic On Blogs Is Also A Cause Of Low Cpcs Because Most Of Google’s Low CPC Ads Are Shown On Low Traffic, Despite High CPC Ads Show, CPC Remains Low And Its Earnings Do Not Affect Is. That’s Why You Have To Pay Attention To Increasing Blog Traffic And Increase The Traffic And Increase The Chances Of CPC Increases.

5.    Target Country

The Reason For Reducing The Google Adsense CPC Is Because Of Target Target Of The Blog, Because The Different Cpcs For Most Of The Country Were Determined By Google Adsense And Spoken By India, There Is A Low CPC On Hindi Blog Here. Therefore, You Can Write Target By Posting High CPC Giving Country.
Any Keyword That Meets The CPC Is Fixed, Which Is Determined By The Advertiser, But CPC Changes In Every 3 Months On Any Keyword. Where Ever Less CPC Is Available, Then More.

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6.    Blog Post Content

Post Content Is Also A Cause Of Low CPC Because Many People Use Very Little Content In Blogger Post Or Adding Keyword To Keyword In Content Is Also A Result Of Low CPC, Due To Which Google Adsense Has No Any Word Cannot Find Out Which Related Ads Can Show, And Google Adsense Shows Different Advertisements Aside From Content And Their Cpcs Are Often Low.
When A Blog Writes A Blog Post, It Will Often Add Related Keyword To The Blog And Many Times Google Adsense Related Keyword Shows Advertisements By Doing It. Now If The Relevant Keyword’s CPC Is Low, Then It Will Show Lower Cpcs Meets. So Focus On Making Your Content A High Quality Which Will Help You In Inciting Your CPC.

7.    Ads Limit

There Is No Limit To The Placement Of Google Adsense Ads On The Blog, But The More Users Use The Ads On The Blog, The CPC Decreases, As Cpcs Are Divided If The Limit Of Ads Increases, So That When Clicked On Any Advertisement Very Few Cpcs Are Available.

8.    Invalid Traffic / Click

The Look Of Google Adsense Remains On The Invalid Click And Traffic And It Is Also A Big Reason To Reduce The CPC For Google Adsense As Well As Account Block. If Your Blog Also Has An Invalid Click Or Traffic, Then You Should Try To Increase The Organic Traffic So That You Will See An Impression Of CPC As Well As Good Traffic.
It Is Expected That How To Increase Adsense CPC / Adsense CPC How To Raise Adsense You Can Get The Information And You Can Now Try To Increase Your CPC So That You Can Earn Good Earnings On Less Click. If This Information Is Correct To You, Then Please Share It On Social Media Also.


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