The galaxy S10 and presumably the S10 plus promises to be the most important Samsung release in this year. And not just because the Galaxy S9 has suffered from slow sales, this will mark the 10th anniversary of South Korean tech giant’s flagship smartphone the headsets are poised to go up against Apple’s new iPhone.  And the new galaxy headset could be first from Samsung to offer 3d face scanners, so here is everything you need to know about the galaxy S10 excited.
Samsung Galaxy S10 OFFICIAL | Galaxy S10 Price, Specs, Release Date In 2019
According to the October report the S 10 will be kitted out with a triple camera system that will retain the S9s 12 megapixel F 1.5 flash 2.4 lens as its primary sensor alongside. This there will apparently be a super wide angle 16 megapixel snapper with at 123 degree field of view. Plus a 13 megapixel F 2.4 lens to complete the picture that’s the good news for Galaxy series fan who loved their premium camera specs. And The bad news is this tri camera configuration might only be available on the higher-end galaxy s 10 pluDs, while the plain of galaxy s 10 could be pitched as an affordable alternative with a dual camera set up prior to this. We had some juicy Galaxy S10 gossip via the Bell on September 6 it claims that while the s 10 will support 5g the next generation connectivity won’t be a feature of every model instead it seems like a 5g Galaxy.
Galaxy S10 Price, Specs, Release Date In 2019
Samsung Galaxy S10 variant will be made available in selected markets Samsung’s whole turn of South Korea is the obvious choice here as the country’s three largest mobile carrier have all said they will launch 5g network in March 2019. Right around the time we are expecting the galaxy S10 to launch prior to this the same site reported that the S10 won’t feature an iris scanner.  Instead it’s set to feature a face recognizing 3d sensing camera and an in display fingerprint sensor while Samsung missed its opportunity to become the first phone maker offering in display fingerprint scanning technology that highly anticipated feature will finally make its way to the galaxy S10. According to et News the sensor will be provided by Qualcomm and represents the third generation of companies ultrasonic technology the last detail is critical because Jayco reportedly has expressed that optical sensors offer bad user experience compared to their ultrasonic counterparts.
According to report from phone arena Samsung will begin testing the chip later this year and get it ready for mass production in early 2019. Perfect timing for galaxy S10 it’s important to note that samsung employs both its own Exynos and qualcomm snapdragon processor in its phones and uses one or other depending on the requirements of each regions snapdragon powered Galaxy devices typically only launched in North America. So it should come as little surprise that the snapdragon 855 should be coming to at least two US bound version of the galaxy S10. 
Galaxy S10 Price, Specs, Release Date In 2019
Furthermore exceed developers recently discovered references in samsung’s android 9.0 PI frame where to a chipset known as a Snapdragon 801 5-0 it’s unknown whether this is simply a testing name for what will eventually be called the Snapdragon 855 or the final moniker the processor will go by while the Galaxy S9 mostly repeated the S8 design fans should expect very significant changes to the S stands exterior the code come courtesy of none other than Samsung’s mobile. 
Chief DJ ko who related that information to Chinese media last week before it was picked by Sam mobile while Q was careful not to offer more details this remark happened about the same time as notable samsung leaker ice universe tweeted a series of displays specification for the company’s upcoming flagship according to ice universe we could see three models of s ten at five point eight and six point four inches size and the five point eight inch model may come and flat and curved display variants.
Galaxy S10 Price, Specs, Release Date In 2019
 Samsung has been criticized for not developing a 3d face scanning to compete with face ID in Apple iPhone 10 but a report from the investors say that Samsung has partnered with 3d camera fermentis vision to finally get a 3d scanner into the Galaxy S 10 not much is known about the feature yet but it’s believed that the mentis vision technology will be able to compete on the same level as the face ID feature on the iPhone 10 it’s too soon to predict the exact release date for the galaxy s 10 but if history is any guide Samsung will likely stick to similar timetable in 2019 as in other years that means you should expect to see the new headset announced at next year’s Mobile World Congress show which gets underway February five if Samsung follows a similar pattern for the s10 a stood for the s9 the new phone would head shelves by the middle of March 2019. 
However it’s possible that the s10 won’t be the first premium phone Samsung introduced next year serial leaker ice universe says that Samson could unveil its foldable galaxy X phone at CES 2019 in January under this scenario the s10 would still be in line to debuted at Mobile World Congress the following month.


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