What are back links and how to make backlinks to do better seo for rank website: In this post, we are going to tell you what is the Backlinks for a blog or website, what works Backlinks and what it can do to make it together. It will also be told what kind of Backlinks you make and how to keep your site away from the backlink. If you have the right knowledge of SEO, then you will know how important a Backlinks is?

What are backlinks

Backlinks means any link from a website or blog to another website is easier said in words, then the Backlinks is linked to a website’s link in another website.

Why Backlinks are Important For The Blog Website

If you create a Backlinks of your website then this will improve your ranking on Google, but you have to keep in mind that Backlinks is a Method of Backlinks Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how important it is for SEO Blog Website. You will know this and you can read this post if you do not know the SEO information –
Backlinks is a great way to bring Traffic to the Blog website along with SEO as Backlinks also works to bring Visitor from our website to another website.

How many types of Backlinks

To understand Backlink, we also have to understand the Type of Backlinks only if we can create Backlinks for our Blog Website. In the Blog website, we use two types of Backlinks.

1.      Internal Backlink

2.      External Backlink

Internal Backlinks –

If you want to create an Internal Backlinks on your blog, then you should take care of it when you are writing Post because Internal Backlinks is a link to our other post in our post and its blog website has many benefits. If a Visitor reads a post in our blog and if we have added the link of our second post anywhere in our post, then Visitor can read it if it wants to get the second post, Bounce Rate will also increase.

External Backlinks –

If we add a link to another website or blog on any post in our blog, then it will be considered as an External Backlinks and will also get a Backlinks to that other website.

Tags used in Backlink

Do Follow Backlinks
If Do Follow is used on any link on the Blog website, then that means that the website is going to visit the link to give a platform to the Visitor and if your website also receives the Do Follow Backlinks from any other website, then you have the advantage.
No Follow Backlinks
If No Follow is used on any website, then it means that Link does not want to link Google Index to that website.

Backlinks Quality

Low Quality Backlinks –

If your site’s link is on any website that has Spam, Trash, or Adult information, you get a low quality Backlinks from there and it can damage the website’s ranking and if any Visitor can help you with this kind of Site Your Google Adsense Account may also be in danger if it comes to the site.

High Quality Backlinks –

High Quality Backlink, you get from the websites of the website that has a lot of traffic, traffic is very high on Google, and if this website is related to the website of your website then you get High Quality Backlink.

Backlinks can be made

If you are thinking of creating a Backlink, then you can create Backlinks after commenting on a website and here you have to give a comment as well as link to your website or you can use Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus You can also create Backlinks after linking your website on Twitter, Youtube, but when creating Backlink, keep in mind that the website you are creating Backlinks is not giving Backlinks to the Website No Follow or Low Quality And if it is awkward it can affect your website’s ranking.
Very often, it is also a shame that a Spam Web site puts your link on your website and this will give the website Backlinks of Low Quality which is not right for your website and you use Google Search Console to check your Backlinks Can do.

Merits and Demerits of Backlinks

Google Ranking

Google places a website on the basis of Ranking SEO and Backlinks is very important for SEO if you want your website or blog to be ranked on Google, then you have to create Do Quality Backlinks of High Quality, but whose ranking is correct with Google’s point of view.
If you create Backlinks on any website you can visit High Traffic on the website, so that many Visitors of that web site can also come to your site and you must know how important Traffic is to any website or blog.
Damage from Backlinks can occur only if Backlinks is getting a Backlinks from a Spam website or Low Quality and if it is okay then it is only right to remove it.


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