What is cybercrime? What to do in cybercrime? Types Of Cybercrime and How to avoid being a victim of cyber crime These all things let we will discuss in this article. So Hello friends In this post you have get knowledge about cybercrime, that What is the crimes to do in this, Types of Cybercrime, what is the law in India, how to avoid it, What to do next is to give information.
In the field of technology, the whole world is connected to computers and Internet, and whatever the work is, it is definitely with the help of Computer or Internet. Computer simplifies all our work and with Internet we work with other people as well, but the advantages of this can be as much damage as possible.
What is cybercrime What to do in cybercrime Types Of Cybercrime and How to avoid being a victim of cyber crime

What is cybercrime?

Whenever a user uses Computer, Internet or any Tehnology, using any other user’s computer system or any electronic device, with theft, damage or User, any kind of Fraud works, then Cyber Called crime.
Any area connected with china’s Bank, Online Shopping, Online Data Store, Data Transfer or similarly any online user can become a victim of cybercrime.
If the user does any such work which he does not have permission to do, then it is all illegal work. When a user is victim of Cyber ​​Crime, he can not find any information about this matter and if he seems to be involved, then when money is withdrawn from his account.

What-to-do in cyber crime

  1. Stolen the data of a user without its permission.
  2. Misuse of User Data.
  3. Change or delete the data.
  4. Making the user public by giving lure of any offer, seeking information about the work.
  5. Access to any system or data, without any permission.
  6. By showing the Fake Information to the user, requesting his information.
  7. Bothering a user to ask for information.
  8. Fake News Disperse or Disperse the Virus.
  9. Frauding or sending something to Fox by sending Fake Call, Massage or Email to any user, causing loss of User Data.
  10. Sell Online Product by using a Compnay or Brand, website name.
  11. Hacking a Server.
  12. Stolen User’s Password.
  13. Copy and use any website or information.

Do any inferior work on social media, so that the status comes out from Control.

Types of Cybercrime [Types of Cybercrime]

The way cyber crime is resorted to by the use of Technology in the same way that technology benefits from the development. This is done not by any Method, but by many methods, who are going to learn about-


Hacking user is said to be a hacker. Hacking involves working with many users in a user, compnay, organization, or antenna to steal the data, delete, change or lock the data, by accessing a computer system or an electronic device, and mostly hackers Use of money in the form of money, so that they take rupees for the data.
If any system or website is hacked, then it controls only hacker and there is no control over its user on it. If a cyber criminal is caught in a hacking, then a penalty of Rs 5 lakh is imposed along with 3 years in jail.
Hacking is not just about stealing data from a person’s computer but also trying to access or access a user’s computer without permission, even if the data has not been damaged, it was a Cyber ​​Crime. is.
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Virus, spread malware

Virus, Malware is also used for Cyber ​​Crime as it becomes active after coming into a system and it does not even know any user because they do the Backgound Process and the required information from the User System Can be misused.
Viruses can not only access your system, but also other systems connected to your system, and can also harm them. If Virus comes on the system then it may be your fault, because Virus can come into the system only when you open any Virus Effect Website, Software, Game or Email or Download.
If anybody is responsible for spreading the virus, then it is also processed under Cyber ​​Crime, in which 3 years of imprisonment, life imprisonment and fines are also imposed.
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In Spoofing, any user uses cyber crime, email or website, in which you are either sent an email and email address resembles a Compnay or Brand, so that any user can click on it without paying attention. And after that some instructions are given to the user, if the user follows them then he becomes a victim of cyber crime.
To do the same thing, a website is also taken in which some kind of offer is given and you are asked to click on the link and after doing it, some software downloads are done or your Information Collect. Is taken.
The criminals who commit cyber crime through Spoffing do all this for flying from a user’s account, but if someone gets caught while doing a spoofing crime, then he can be fined with 3 years in jail under the provisions of the IPC is.
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Phishing is also a Cyber ​​Crime and the user who makes it is a Web Programmer, which is a website similar to that of a Brand, Institution or Company, and for this the Website is selected which is related to Password, Payment or Banking related work. is.
On this website, the user is asked for username and password of Banking or any important account of the important account, and the user also fills it as this website is completed and the entire Orginal website is registered and when the user fills his information. And Log In or Submit Button Press, then it goes as far as Hacker to his information. If anyone gets caught in Phishhing Cyber ​​Crime, he can be fined up to Rs 1 lakh and up to 3 years of imprisonment.
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Cybercrime law in India

There is also the law of law in India to prevent incidents related to cyber crime. Under Cyber ​​Crime, there is a separate punishment for different crimes, in which the criminal has been penalized from fines to life imprisonment.
Cybercrime Law, along with the Information Technology Law 2000 for Cyber ​​Crime, Information Technology Revision Act 2008, Copyright Law 1997, has also been created, which aims at preventing cyber crime, keeping an eye on it, and imposing punishment.

How a User Causes a Cyber ​​Crime

Any user becomes a victim of Cyber ​​Crime due to his own mistake, sometimes this mistake can be of any Compnay or Website. We have already mentioned what Cyber ​​Crime is, but if attention is given, the purpose of Cyber ​​Crime is to seek User information and with the help of this information User Cyber ​​becomes a victim of crime.
The first work of a cyber criminal is to get information about a user’s information or user’s system, and for this, he can do many ways, by creating a Fraud Website, by generating a offer on Social Media, sending Virus to the system, but so many There is no loss of a user from the loss, then it happens when someone uses all of these to fill the information that is requested, and when it does, his information goes to the cyber criminal.

How to avoid being a victim of cyber crime

If any user does not use the Internet, then only he will refrain from giving any kind of information to Fraud Call or Massage, but if he uses Internet, then he should avoid theft, delete or misuse of his information.

There are some things to keep in mind

  1. Whenever you visit an unknown website, you should not fill your information there because it can also be Website Fraud.
  2. Download the information about the website before downloading anything on the internet.
  3. You can have some simple ad show on any Fraud website that is about Clicking on any Offer.
  4. You can also get some Fraud Massage on Email or Mobile, which can be a threat to you.
  5. You can also get Fraud Call on Mobile, which will tell you some information before and after that you will be asked for more information, you do not have to give any information.
  6. If you use Internet then you should also use Antivirus. Along with this you should also use Firewall.
  7. You should keep the password of any of your accounts strong, for which you can make Stronge using the latter, Word, Symble and you should also change password from time to time.
  8. Whenever you install any software in the mobile phone, you have to keep in mind that the app will not grant permission if permissions are sought.
  9. While maintaining Data Share or Recieve, you should also take care of security for which you can use Antivirus.
  10. Online Do not access your email account on any website.

Hopefully you have got complete information related to what Cyber ​​Crime is, if you have any questions related to it, then you can ask in comment. If you like this info, then share it with your friends on social media thanks.


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