24 Best Off Page SEO Techniques To Rank Fast In Google
Hello friends how are you all today, I am Telling You That What Is OFF Page SEO. And How To Rank Fast In Google Through Some Basic Techniques. So Friends Here 24 Best Off-Page SEO Techniques To Rank Fast In Google, So Let’s Start

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off Page So Techniques To Fleet Your Website’s Authority And Trust Rank In the off-page list, we link to our website to another website, from which Google thinks that our website is refreshing New web tips.

How to Off-Page SEO?

These 24 ways you can sleep on-off pages that will help you in your website’s ranking. So Friends here is 24 best off-page SEO Techniques to rank fast in google

1.Link Building

Link Building is one of the ways in which we put the link of our website on another’s website, from which Google start trusting on our website and our Domain Authority is flooded.

2.Competitor Backlinks

When we do blogging, we have lots of different compatriots who are working in Same industry, they have TOOLs to rank back in the ranking AHREF and SEMRUSH from which we can find that those people said backlinks In this way we also make our backlinks in the same place.

3.Broken LinkBuilding

By visiting the logo website, find out the link which is not working on them and sending an email to those people. We have helped you by giving us credit or posting our guest post on your website. Contact the owners of other Website.

4.Link Bait

Link Island is not techno, but in it, we write our website and content so much better than others become compelled to share what they want to share with on your website, and then they will be with your friends Share what you do with your backlinks.

5.Image Bait

When you look at the IMAGE of your website in GOOGLE IMAGES SEARCH, and you know that your IMAGE and other website is also doing USE, then you send emails to those website owners and say that let me credit the real owner Yes You can find out who has your image from the USE by going to Google>IMAGE> SEARCH BY IMAGE> UPLOAD IMAGE

6.Comments Links

More people use it but it does not have much effect on the ranking of our website. Why people wrongly do these techniques, where spamming comments by appealing is the best way to do it, by visiting your Catagari’s website, GENUINE CommentDoing so that you get a NO – FOLLOW backlink when AUTHOR APPROVE your comment.

7.Anchor Text Of The Link

Which is the Normal text and in which we link the anchor text becomes, we have PROVIDE VALUE, but it should be applied on ANCHOR TEXT where it does not need, then you will sing in Black HAT SEO.

8.Link Exchange Scheme

Link Exchange Scheme is a method that many people still use today, but when all those people do it when Google gets to know about them, Google closes their account and website. People go to FIVER and UP WORK to buy links which are counted in Black HAT SEO.

9.Web 2.0

When you create 1 group of lots of websites and you have a lot of websites where you link your links to another website and create a network of 1 website, which is called PBN (PRIVATEBACKLINK NETWORK).

24 Best Off Page SEO Techniques To Rank Fast In Google.
This is all Web 2.0’s website. ↴

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress
  3. Wix
  4. Weebly
  5. Tumbler
  6. Wikidot


FORUM is a place where a lot of people talk about their problems and share their articles or other content together. So you have to JOIN FORM according to your website’s Category and have to keep your point in front of the people and tell about yourself and your website and content.
This is the Website of All Forums. ↴

  1. Flicker
  2. Siteground
  3. Ozzu
  4. Bloggingshout
  5. Bloggerforum

11. QNA Websites

Q AND A WEBSITES is a website where people ask oppression from one another and you can answer their persuasiveness as well as add your backlink to it. Q & A’s website has the most popular QUORA name website.

12.Guest Blogs

When you publish your article as a guest on someone else’s website, it is called a guest post. So you get a backlink and get traffic as well, but if you post a guest on a website that is totally different from your site’s Category, then you will not get much benefit from it.

13.Social Media Marketing

In today’s date, every person is using social media, so if you put your content on social media and you get traffic from there, then how good is it today. Today is a website like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, which you can take advantage.
This is all the social bookmarking website ↴

  1. Digg
  2. Pocket
  3. Diigo
  4. Stumbleupon
  5. Reddit

14.Laying Out Your Internal Pages

Optimize your MENU, NEGIVATIONS, and FOOTER, HEADER in such a way that people click here, just put your best content and goto your WEBMASTER account and see if there is an ERROR then FIX it.

15.Brand Awareness

If you do not know anyone on the internet, who will search for you and your website? So make your website name LOGO and DESIGNED in such a way that people like to join him and like sharing their website and name as a brand in front of a logo and do all the work professionally.

16.Local Listing

When you bring your local BUSINESS online via GOOGLE MY BUSINESS, that time, he asks you for a link to the website, then in that world, giving you a link to your website so that you get a backlink.

17.Profile CreationSites

Like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN If you create your profile on all these websites and put the link of your website ABOUT in the US and when people connect with you on those websites and become your friend or your fans, then they come to your website.

18.Social Bookmarking

When you place your website page in one place and people can see those pages, those websites are called the SOCIAL BOOKMARKING website.


Removing your blog and content on those websites that are made to promote content is called SUBMISSION WEBSITE. On those websites, people are exposing their blogs as well as reading the logo of the blog so that you get traffic.

20.Directories Submission

SUBMIT the content of your blog as directories is called DIRECTORY SUBMISSION. You can send your content to USA, UK And in other countries, you can SUBMIT in DIRECTORY. This is the Directories SubmissionWebsite of all ↴

  1. Google My Business
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. Yelp
  5. Linkedin

21.Image Submission

The website that we put our photo on is called a website. Of which FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM is the most popular in which you can add your photo and add a link to your website or content with it.

24 Best Off Page SEO Techniques To Rank Fast In GoogleThis is the All Image Submission Website.

  1. Facebook
  2. Google Plus
  3. Pinterest
  4. Instagram
  5. Flicker

22.Audio Submission

Put any content on the website as audio, such as SOUNDCLOUD etc. where you can add your backlink to your audio when people come to listen to the audio.
This is the audio submission website of all ↴

  1. My Space
  2. Last Fm
  3. Soundcloud
  4. Spotify
  5. Bandcamp

23.Video Submission

WEBSITES such as YOUTUBE and DAILYMOTIONyou can upload your video and send your backlink to the video’s DESCRIPTION, which will give you traffic.
This is the video submission website of all ↴

  1. Youtube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Dailymotion
  4. Photobucket
  5. Break

24.PDF & PPT Submission

Websites like LINKEDIN and SlideShare where you can upload your PROJECT and PDFs and when they come to read and watch people when someone likes your content, they will also like to come to your website from your given link.
This is all Project Submit website ↴

  1. Slideshare
  2. Issu
  3. Edocr
  4. Slideserve
  5. Slideboom
  6. Pdfsr

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