The Internet has become a world where we can get acquainted with millions of kilometers away without being able to talk to them, they can talk to them through video call and Image. And that too just in a few seconds, and we go on social media unknowingly.

What is the IP address | Types of IP Address | How to Find IP Address

The right is entitled, one of which is also the IP address. About which I am going to tell you in this post today, to come in simple and very straightforward terms, what is the IP address?

What is an IP address? Any device that we want is Computer, Laptop or Mobile which runs the Internet, all of the devices Computer, Laptop or Mobile has a different ID which we call an IP address, when we use our Mobile or Computer If you search any information or anything on the Internet then the Router from the same IP address will know where and what data to send it, and then collect or collect information and send it to the Internet Protocol address from where it Search will be done.

IP address format 

  1. IP ADDRESS is composed of 32 bit’s Binary Digit, which is something like 100310101010200.1001103216 This is how it is hard to remember in your mind, so it is divided into 4 parts by separating it by decimals Each part can have numbers ranging from 0 to 255 points. For example –
  2. IP Address. Due to being a 32 Binary digit, it has become limited, only 4254967297 can have an IP address, which is on the verge of ending. So now the new IP Address System (IPv4) was needed which has been developed, which is 128 Binary Digits, which can create an Unlimited IP address. And there is some kind of appearance–2103: dc4: 0: 1164: 0: 369: 1: 4

IP address version 

So far we have been able to develop only two versions of IP address.
  1. IPv4  (Internet Protocol address version 4 )
  2. IPv6  (Internet Protocol address version 6 )
Now we will not even need to create any further IP address version further as Coding of the IPv4 version can create as many IP addresses as you want.

Types of IP Address 

There are two types of IP Address

  1. The private IP address – If two or more devices are connected to Wi-Fi only if two or more devices are connected to Wi-Fi, then there is a network which we call private network.
  2. The public IP address – It is provided by ISP (Internet Service Provider) and can not be changed. A public IP address is a network that is connected directly to the Internet. For example – Internet server, network gateways, web sites, DNS servers, broadband routers, and many more computers.

How to find an IP address

1st method

  1. Click on the Start menu, and then select Run or press directly window = R
  2. Now type cmd in the Run box and press OK.
  3. At the prompt type ipconfig, you will find information about your IP address.

2nd method

  1. Search on the Internet browser
  2. You will be shown in the same box as your IP address
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