World AIDS Day is celebrated on 1 December every year in the world to make people aware of AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome). AIDS Human Immuno Deficiency (HIV) is an epidemic disease caused by a virus infection. This day is celebrated by public organizations, NGOs, civil society and other health officials by organizing the discussion in AIDS-related speeches or public meetings.

The President of the United States made an official announcement for World AIDS Day in 1995, which was followed by other countries around the world. According to a rough estimate, about 2.5 million people died in 1981-2007 due to HIV infection. Even after using antiretroviral treatment in many places, in 2007 about 2 lakh people (at least 270,000 children in total) were infected with this epidemic disease.

World AIDS Day celebration has become the most recognized health day festival at the international level. World AIDS Day provides vital opportunities for health organizations to raise awareness among people, to facilitate treatment, as well as to discuss prevention measures.

World AIDS Day 2018

World AIDS Day will be celebrated on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

World AIDS Day 2018 Special

World AIDS Day 2018 will be celebrated on December 1 every year, this time it will be the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. Preparations for the entire country have been started for its programs. The main purpose of this day is to motivate people about the treatment and prevention of this disease. World AIDS Day will be organized several programs related to this subject, such as public awareness rally, awareness speech, medical camp etc. are the most prominent among these programs.

Although many programs are organized every year on World AIDS Day, the real meaning of these programs will be meaningful when people get their messages like preventive measures and medicines. According to a report published at the end of 2017, about 21.4 million people are infected with HIV in the whole country, out of which 11.81 lakh people are getting help from antiretroviral treatment. Also, we need to give people proper respect to this disease in society so that they can know themselves as normal people.

History of World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day 2018

World AIDS Day was first conceived by Thomas Netter and James W. Ban in the month of August 1987. Both Thomas Netter and James W. Banna, both of Switzerland’s AIDS Global Program, were public information officers of the WHO (World Health Organization) for Geneva. He Shared his views on AIDS Day with Jonathan Mann (Director of AIDS Global Program), who approved the idea and celebrated December 1, 1988, as World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day was decided to celebrate December 1 every year. He decided to celebrate Christmas vacations or other vacations at the time of the election. It should be celebrated at the time when people can pay more attention and attention to news and media broadcasting.

United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS, also known as United Nations AIDS, came into effect in the year 1996 and started publishing it all over the world. Rather than celebrating one day, the World AIDS campaign launched UNAIDS in 1997 to focus on AIDS programs for better communication, disease prevention and disease awareness throughout the year.
In the early years, World AIDS Day was focused on children and youth, which was later identified as family history, in which any person of any age group could be infected with HIV. Since World AIDS Day 2007, the White House was started by giving a prestigious symbol of the AIDS Ribbon.

World AIDS Day 2018 theme (theme)

UN AIDS organizes World AIDS Day Campaign with special annual themes to enhance better global awareness about the disease.
·         The list of subjects of all the years of World AIDS Day is as follows:
·         The topic of the AIDS Day campaign was “Communication” in 1988.
·         The topic of the year 1989 for “World AIDS Day Campaign” was “youthful”.
·         The theme of the year 1990 for “World AIDS Day campaign” was “Women and AIDS”.
·         The theme of the year 1991 for “AIDS Day campaign” was “Sharing Challenges”.
·         The topic of the year 1992 for the World AIDS campaign was “Commitment to the Community”.
·         The subject of the year 1993 for the Campaign for World AIDS Day, “Act”
·         The topic of the year 1994 for “AIDS and Family” campaign for World AIDS Day.
·         The subject of the year 1995 for the Campaign for World AIDS Day, “Shared Rights, Shared Responsibility”
·         The subject of the year 1996 for “A World and a Hope” campaign for World AIDS Day.
·         The theme of the year 1997 for the World AIDS Day campaign, “Children live in a world of AIDS”.
·         The subject of the year 1998 for the Campaign for World AIDS Day, “Power for Change: World AIDS Campaign with Young People.”
·         World AIDS Day Campaign for the year 1999, “Learn, Listen, Stay: World AIDS Campaign with Children and Young People”
·         The subject of the year 2000 for the campaign for World AIDS Day, “AIDS: People make difference”.
·         The topic of the year 2001 for the Campaign for World AIDS Day, “I do care. Do you?”
·         The topic of the year 2002 for the Campaign for World AIDS Day, “Blur and Discrimination”
·         The subject of the year 2003 for the Campaign for World AIDS Day, “Blur and Discrimination”
·         The subject of the year 2004 for the Campaign for World AIDS Day, “Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS”
·         The theme for the Year AIDS Campaign for the year 2005 was “AIDS ROCKO: Promise”.
·         The theme for the year 2006 for the World AIDS Day campaign was “AIDS ROCK: Promise Do-Accountability”.
·         The subject of the year 2007 for the Campaign for World AIDS Day was “AIDS ROCKO: Promise-Leadership”.
·         The topic of the year 2008 for the World AIDS campaign was “AIDS ROCKO: Promise-Lead – Strong – Salvation”
·         The subject of the year 2009 for the Campaign for World AIDS Day was “Global Access and Human Rights”.
·         The subject of 2010 for the World AIDS Campaign was “Worldwide Access and Human Rights”.
·         The theme for the Campaign for World AIDS Day was from 2011 to 2015, “Getting Nero: New HIV Infection, Zero, Discrimination, Death related to AIDS.”
·         The subject of the year 2016 for the Campaign for World AIDS Day was, “Hands up for HIV prevention”
·         In the year 2017, the theme for “World AIDS Day” was “My Health, My Right”.
·         In the year 2018, the theme for “World AIDS Day” is “Know Your Status”.

The importance of wearing a red ribbon on World AIDS Day 2018

World AIDS Day 2018

People around the world today wear a red ribbon and express their emotional attachment to AIDS sufferers. Such people are used to raising awareness of this issue. Along with this, people also sell this red ribbon to raise support for the people fighting this disease.

In the same way, it is also a way of paying homage to people, fighting for the disease. As told by UNAIDS, “This red ribbon is a way of expressing goodwill toward people with HIV and their carers.” Wearing a red ribbon on the occasion of World AIDS Day brings awareness among the people And this is a good way to prevent discrimination from the victims of this disease. This red ribbon can be used anywhere in the world to bring awareness to the people.

Activities on World AIDS Day of 2018

Various types of activities are undertaken on World AIDS Day to increase public awareness and disseminate the message of that particular year. The main goal of the program is to raise awareness among the people. Some of the activities are given below:
Community-based individuals and organizations should be linked to World AIDS Day activities to organize a planned meeting. These can be started well with local clinics, hospitals, social service agencies, schools, AIDS advocacy groups etc.
For better awareness, a sequence of singles programs or independent programs by speakers and exhibitors can be determined through forums, rallies, health fairs, community programs, trust services, parades, block parties and etc.
·         A public statement can be submitted by World Recognized Agency Board from AIDS Day.
·         Red ribbon for schools, workspaces or community groups should wear and share as a sign of hope. Electronic ribbons can also be distributed for social media outlets.
·         All activities (such as seminars on prevention of DVD exhibitions and AIDS) should be encouraged for businesses, schools, health care organizations, pastors and local agencies for their great work.
·         A candlelight parade can be organized in a public park, or in the nearest agency can deliver a message of AIDS prevention through singing, musicians, dancers, poets, story speakers and entertaining performances etc.
·         Information about World AIDS Day can be distributed by linking your agency’s website.
·         All planned programs and activities must be already delivered through e-mail, newsletter, postal or electronic bulletin.
·         People can be made aware by exhibiting exhibitions, posters, videos etc. for HIV / AIDS.
·         The activities of World AIDS Day can be reported to a large group of people through blogs, Facebook, Twitter or through other social media websites.
·         Other groups can actively contribute to celebrate World AIDS Day.
·         The celebration of a candlelight can be organized in memory of those who died due to HIV / AIDS.
·         Religious leaders are encouraged to talk about AIDS intolerance.


·         Food, housing, transportation services can be started to provide companionship to people suffering from HIV / AIDS. In order to increase morality, they can be invited to work in social work, worship or other activities.

               World AIDS Day 2018


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